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Who We Are?

A Few Words About Us

The yellow team loves putting together celebrations and events. Why stress when we can share in that load and let you and your family enjoy this beautiful day, like you should.

A wedding planner or event planner doesn't necessarily have to be expensive - enquire now to know our prices, and you could be surprised.

As we grow, we are expanding our products and services to ensure we become your one stop shop for all things events.

Hire the yellow team today,for your next event and stay stress free.

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Your Happiness is The Key to Our Inspiration

We offer 1.5 hours FREE introduction session to discuss your event options in detail. BOOK NOW, only limited slots available!.


What Our Clients Say About Us

Yellow Cloud team is glad to have been part of some amazing celebrations in the past! Check out what our previous clients have to say about us!

Loved the way you've planned all my events! Highly recommend Yellow Cloud. Definitely the best at what they do. Thanks, Yellow Cloud.


Absolutely perfect!!! She made my day awesome and I won't be forgetting it in a hurry, spent so much time to make sure everything looked good!!!


Yellow Cloud will surely make your event grandeur! The best person is at the helm! Very creative and out of the box ideas! Australia....wake up to this Yellow Cloud!